Survivor of N-332 cycle accident ‘remembers nothing of that morning’


ANDRES CONTRERAS, one of the two survivors of the accident that occurred on the N-332 just over a month ago when a 28-year-old Spanish woman from Gandia, who was both under the influence of alcohol and drugs and banned from driving, ploughed her Ford Mondeo head-first in to a group of six cyclists ‘remembers nothing of that morning’.

Contreras’ father – Luis Alberto Contreras (53-years old) – was killed in the accident along with his friends Eduardo Monfort Gasent (28-years-old), and Jose Antonio Albi (28-years-old).

The only cyclist who escaped serious injury is Jaime Escortell, the current club President.

Scott Gordon (46-years-old) also remains in hospital but is recovering well.

‘My last images are from the night before. But I do not remember anything of that morning.’ Contreras told the Spanish press this week from his hospital bed at the Hospital Universitario de La Ribera in Alzira.

‘My mother told me that my father convinced me to wear the harder triathlon helmet that morning. Thanks to that helmet, I’m alive today.’

The 26-year-old cyclist, who left the intensive care unit a week ago, suffered serious injuries and does not know how many bones are broken in arms, face legs and ribs. He also suffered a lung perforation.

Doctors have told Contreras that in 15 days, he has made progress that they would have expected to take a month.

He said with determintation: ‘I’m going to get ahead for my father and my friends. I think of recovery as a long-distance triathlon. It’s going to be tough, but I’m going to get through it.’

Contreras – who, in the next few days, will be transferred to the hospital of Aigües Vives for rehabilitation – said that he hopes the accident has raised awareness amongst drivers:

‘When someone goes out partying, they should take a taxi home and not get behind the wheel of a car. Drivers should also have more patience with cyclists and respect safety distances.’

Contreras does not hold a grudge against the driver who killed his father and his two friends. When asked by the Spanish press if he had a message for her he said:

‘I have no message for her. What am I going to say? She will suffer enough just knowing what she did’.

The driver was arrested at the scene by the Guardia Civil of Gandia and was sent to prison almost immediately on two charges of involuntary manslaughter, along with three of injury amongst others.

She received a driving ban in 2014 for being drunk behind the wheel and never attended the awareness course to recover her licence.

In stark contrast, in court she claimed to ‘remember nothing’.

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