Suspected Danish sex attacker arrested on Costa del Sol


THE NATIONAL POLICE have arrested a 39-year-old Danish man in Fuengirola, who was wanted in his own country for sexual exploitation of minors.

The man turned himself to the officers who were in their vehicle, explaining he was tired of living on the run. The police proceeded to check the man’s identity, and on finding out he was wanted on a European Arrest Warrant, arrested him.

In addition to his sexual crimes, which involve sexual contact with an underage person and sexually assaulting a woman, the man was also wanted for two robberies and four counts of fraud; three of which were banking based and one of which involved embezzlement.

The man is said to have scammed a total of €73,138 from his victims, buying mobile phones, cars, bank loans and other goods with the money. He is also believed to have stolen €6,327 in money and jewellery across his two burglaries.

If convicted, he  faces eight years in prison under Danish law.

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