The Brits are back


DURING THE first four months of 2017, almost 14% more visitors from the UK visited the Valencian Community, leaving aside their post Brexit worries.

The figures, part of a report issued this week by the Frontur, tourist authority, revealed an increase in the arrival of tourists from the United Kingdom, which rose by 13.6% up to April, French by 16.2%, Nordic by 19.6% and Italian by 17% % During the first quarter of the year.

The same survey by Frontur shows that the arrivals by airport, estimated at about 1.7 million in the first quarter of the year have increased by 21.5% and by road (349,442) by 3.1%. In addition, travelers for leisure and vacation have increased by 19.3% and for business and professional reasons by 59.7%.Secretary for Valencian Tourism, Francesc Colmer, speaking after the figures were published, expressed his satisfaction at the growth in off season tourism.

“This growth in foreign tourists shows the real merit of our sector, for its ability to be competitive, to stand up and work all year round in the fight against seasonality.”, he said.

He pointed out, “These results confirm that we are on the right path towards deseasonalisation and the capture of markets to increase growth”.

“In 2016 for the first time we approached eight million foreign tourists (7.8 million), recording our best ever figures and for this year everything points to the Valencian Community recording a historic high in international tourism, with 8.5 million foreign tourists. ”

Other data issued from the Frontur survey shows that the Valencian Community received a total of 748,536 foreign tourists, 16.4% more than the figure registered in the same month of 2016.

And during the month of April alone, the increase of tourists from the United Kingdom was 18.5%, Germany (+ 9.9%) and Nordic countries (+8, 5%).

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