Thousands protest about Velez Malaga bullfight


A PETITION protesting last Saturday’s bullfight in Velez Malaga attracted 10,765 signatures.

The petition was signed both online and in person and expressed protestors’ “disgust at this bullfight and any form of animal abuse.”

In May, around 200 protestors from pressure group, “Rodea el Ruedo”, had previously marched through Velez Malaga’s streets, carrying a large banner saying, “No to bullfights. Torture is neither art nor culture.”

They made their way to the Town Hall, where they challenged on the council to fulfil its commitment, made last year, to ban animal cruelty in the town. Mari Carmen Castillo, one of the movement’s spokesmen, said “it seems a joke that a bullfight is scheduled barely a year after this commitment”, adding she believed the fight was “illegal.”

She finished, “our platform intends to stop this bullfight, ensuring the council comply with its law.” The fight featured matadors Manuel Diaz “El Cordobes” and Francisco Rivera “Paquirri”.

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