Toilet troubles in Denia


WET WIPES flushed down the toilet have become a serious issue for the sewage network of Denia.

Aqualia and the City Council released a statement this week calling for residents to stop flushing wet wipes down their toilets, as they do not dissolve and contain materials which do not disintegrate like paper-based tissue.

After wet wipes are flushed, they exit a house through a lateral pipe that connects to a public sewer system, where sewage pumps ensure that the wastewater flows in the correct direction. But, as wet wipes fail to disintegrate, they clog the pumps, causing them to break down and redirect stagnant wastewater back toward houses.

Sewer systems must be shut down so that the wipes can be manually removed.

Aqualia and the City Council pointed out that, with a simple change of habits, numerous breakdowns and bottlenecks in the sewerage facilities could be avoided.

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  1. Many people are using the wet wipes instead of toilet paper(because they’re cleaner) and of course they’re going to flush them. A much better approach is to use a Hand Bidet Sprayer and wash with water. Cleaner and healthier for you, saves money and no clogs in the systems.


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