Torrevieja tackles school truancy


THE CITY of Torrevieja has formed a committee to combat truancy throughout the schools of the municipality.

The Mayor of Torrevieja, Jose Manuel Dolon, led a meeting earlier this week at the IES Mediterraneo whereby all representatives involved in the first-time initiative met and discussed plans going forward.

Education Minister, Jose Hurtado indicated that increasing truancy figures across the municipality have necessitated the formation of the committee, which the municipality itself describes as a ‘practical protocol’ to reduce those figures.

He continued to explain that Torrevieja, ‘as a large tourist city, has a multi-ethnic character and therefore, a diverse and multilingual school population – an issue which directly affects truancy figures.’

All representatives involved in the initiative agreed that, as a start, schools should implement the School Absenteeism Programme of Alicante protocol, with the committee becoming involved if, after implementation of the protocol, truancy figures have not reduced.

The committee was born with the idea of analysing the reasons why truancy persists and applying the corrective measures that are necessary.

The committee will meet on the last Tuesday of each month and the first meeting will take place on September 26.

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