Traffic Fines


Q : I have received an unjustified traffic fine. What can I do about it?

A : There are several ways to appeal:
– online : visit the trafico’s website (DGT) ; REMEMBER you will need a digital identification certificate to do this.
– Go in person to the traffic office (DGT) in the province were the fine was issued.
-Have your lawyer dispute the fine on your behalf, especially if there are points on your license or if you have been called to court.
-Appeal in writing and send the document to the DGT via the post office (recorded post).
Some insurance companies will also dispute the fine on your behalf.

Remember in Spain non-Spanish residents can be fined on the spot and the fine must be paid in full immediately.

Spanish residents cannot be fined on the spot.

Depending on the type of fine imposed you have between 20 and 30 days to appeal any fines that you believe to be unjustified and to request a refund and any points that may have been removed from you license to be reinstated .

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