Two elderly women fight in Valencia – one dies


A WOMAN aged approximately 65-years-old died on Monday at the Hospital La Fe de Valencia after allegedly receiving a blow to the head from another woman of a similar age.

The woman quarrelled at the victim’s house in Alafar at around 8.00pm on Monday when the alleged offender, who has been detained by the Guardia Civil, is reported to have struck the victim across the head with a household item.

The alleged offender quickly called emergency services and is reported to have said ‘Esta muerta, un golpe en la cabeza, muerta!’ (She is dead, a blow to the head, dead!).

When officers from the Local Police of Alafar and the Guardia Civil arrived at the scene, the victim was still alive but unconscious with a severe head injury.

A SAMU ambulance raced to the house, along with basic life support and after about an hour, the victim was stable.

The victim was carried to the ambulance via the balcony and remained stable until she arrived at the hospital.

At the hospital, the victim entered critical condition and despite doctor’s attempts to save her life, she died shortly afterwards.

It is not known why the women were quarrelling and other sources have told the Spanish press that the victim’s severe head injury was due to a fall after being pushed by the alleged offender.

The delegate of Government in the Region of Valencia, Juan Carlos Moragues, said on Tuesday that the Guardia Civil are investigating the cause of death.

The alleged offender, when initially questioned at the scene by the Guardia Civil, admitted her and the victim had argued, but given her state of anxiety, officers took her to the hospital to be taken care of.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the alleged offender remains at the hospital as a detainee on suspicion of homicide.

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