Two kidnapped over €300,000 debt


NINE people have been arrested for kidnapping two men in Malaga who supposedly owed them hundreds of thousands of euros.

The victims were allegedly carrying out a deal involving the sale of gold with the kidnappers at a home in the city when the accused prevented them from leaving, forced them into the back of a van and drive off towards Madrid. One of the two managed to struggle out of his bindings, however, and freed the other before they both jumped from the back of the van.

The investigating officers found nine people had acted “in a co-ordinated way,” with three belonging to an organised crime group and the others hailing from an “autonomous and itinerant faction.” One man allegedly acted as go-between amongst the two groups.

Police found the accused after identifying the man who rented the van. They worked out he made frequent trips to Madrid and intercepted him on one, arresting two others from his gang in the capital on the same day and the others in Alcorcon the next day.

Officers also confiscated two guns, two carbines, a sub-machine gun, documentation, a vehicle, ammunition, a GPS beacon and over €60,000 in cash.

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