U3A members go river rafting


AN EARLY 8.00am start, saw forty members of the U3A Marina Baixa travelled from Albir to Cieza in Murcia last week.

They were all dressed for the River Rafting experience and this year were given a bocadillo and drink at Cieza before setting off from there.

After donning life jackets and helmets they clambered onto four rafts with 10 on each, everyone had to row and really work hard with instructions from a professional ‘skipper’ at the back.

This was the fourth year the group have rafted and for a change they rowed from Cieza to Blanco, which is not exactly white water rafting but still great fun.

There was plenty of splashing, colliding with the reeds on the side, areas where they could get out and swim and some ‘bumpy’ areas of river.

The highlight were the two weirs, a medium one which everyone completed and a large one which some didn’t want to risk.

Those who ‘dropped over’ said it was thrilling, as it actually looked almost slow motion and not scary at all.

A coach with all seats covered in plastic collected the intrepid rafters and took them back to the start to gather clothes, shower and then go for dinner.

Sadly, the restaurant they have used in the past was closed owing to the owner being sick with cancer.

However the rafting company organised a very satisfying four course meal plus bread and drinks inside the market building (the stalls were closed for siesta).

Everyone thanked Rob for organising this popular event once again, with a resounding “Roll on next year!“

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