Violent Romanian fugitive arrested


A THIRY YEAR old Romanian man, wanted for violent crimes in Austria has been arrested in Torre Pacheco, by Guardia Civil officers investigating a case of assault, exhibitionism and sexual provocation towards under age children.

The officers were originally looking for a man who had tried to rob a local restaurant in the town at gunpoint, but fled before managing to take cash from the till.

However, shortly afterwards, they received a complaint from a resident in the town, who alleged a man who shared his flat had revealed his genitals to his under-age daughter, who also lived in the apartment and her friends.

He followed the act of indecent exposure by using extreme sexually provocative behaviour, towards the girls, which resulted in the father confronting the Romanian to complain about his behavior.

The two men entered into a heated argument and an ensuing fight in which the father received a blow to the face causing minor injuries.

The Guardia Civil officers, realized the description of the assailant matched that of the person who had made the earlier attempted armed robber.

On apprehending the man, they subsequently discovered, the suspect was on a list of wanted people on the Europol European police network, for violent crimes in Austria.

The arrested man has been detained in custody and all the investigations have been made available to the Court of Instruction in San Javier.

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