Walk this way! €3.8 million boost for Torremolinos town centre


TORREMOLINOS Council has this week confirmed that it is to follow through on long-mooted plans to revolutionise the town with a €3.8 million investment.

Work on pedestrianising the historic centre is to begin in autumn, confirmed Mayor Jose Ortiz at a glitzy presentation, and that will mark the beginning of “a project that Torremolinos has been needing for years.”

Plaza Costa del Sol will be refitted and vehicles prohibited from an area stretching from avenida Isabel Manoja to El Bajondillo, including La Nogalera, calle San Miguel and the Torre de Pimentel, all of which are to be resurfaced.

Architect Salvador Moreno Peralta is the man responsible for designing the new vision, and he added: “This will be an integral scheme that will transform this space into a centre among centres, the future emblem of Torremolinos.”

The council team have spent months working alongside local business owners and neighbourhood associations in order to properly plan the project, with over 100 new business applications having been submitted in recent weeks.

Once pedestrianisation is complete, two other chunks of investment will be rolled out, the first of which will be used to restore the nineteenth century Casa de Doña Maria Barrabino and the iconic fountain in front of it.

“These will serve as the new monumental symbol of Torremolinos,” explained Peralta. “All tourist towns have an emblematic, historical place to take photographs of, and this municipality will soon have its own!”

A nodding Mayor Ortiz added that the idea is to “create a historic centre that will not only talk about monuments but the town’s history, its link with water, its springs and its mills.”

Other targets for the redevelopment, scheduled to be complete by 2019, include a gastronomy market showcasing local produce, refurbishment of outdated hotels and repainting dilapidated buildings, as the party town which became famous in the 1960s continues its march into the 21st century.

“Today a new story begins,” concluded Ortiz.


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