Wetland works given the go ahead


THE ENVIRONMENTAL protection office began works in the Senillar wetland some few weeks ago now and alongside the continuous study of scientists of Valencia University, they recently tested the possibility of increasing the wetland’s water level.

A provisional dam of natural stones and soil from the Senillar was built, allowing the environmental protection office to test whether the water could be held and the flow reduced to increase the water level.

The test results were positive and work will start soon.

The provisional dam will be removed and pre-fabricated structures will be used.

The current studies show that a low water level is less damaging to the natural characteristics of the Senillar than changes in pH levels, conductivity etc.

The Senillar wetland is regarded as one of the most precious ecosystems on the Marina Alta coast and has been under protected since 2014 when it was declared a wildlife reserve by the environmental protection office.

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