52 fake crimes in El Carmen

Fake Crime

THE NATIONAL Police of the El Carmen District Police Station have received a total of 52 fake reports of robbery or robbery with violence so far, this year.

In investigating each report, officers found that the events either did not happen as they were reported to have happened, with victims having manipulated the facts or did not happen at all.

In many cases, the sole purpose of the fake reports being to claim compensation on home and contents insurance policies.

Of the 52 cases, the complainants have been charged with ‘simulating a crime’and in some cases, complainants have also been charged with fraud for having been compensated by insurers.

The Higher Police Headquarters of the Region of Murcia warns that to fake a crime is, in turn, a crime in itself.

It is also detrimental to the police force, allocating personnel and means to investigate crimes that have not actually happened.

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