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WE’VE all heard the phrase when people discuss businesses in this area of Spain.  “There are too many bars and not enough customers to fill them!”  Such a theory has now been proved following the recently published results of an EU study as Spain officially holds the European record for having the most bars per person. 

Adding the numbers of bars, pubs and cafes found in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Ireland combined and they still don’t reach the amount found in Andalucía which have 47,000 of them.  Bearing in mind Ireland’s reputation as a nation of Guinness drinkers, the figures will come as a surprise.

To put that number into context, if Andalucía was the only part of Spain that had any bars there would still be plenty for each one to cater for every 1,000 inhabitants.  However, the region only accounts for fewer than 20% of the bars across the country with the total number registered being 279,243.  That’s one for every 169 people.

The cosiest of pubs are found in the town of Mogán, near Las Palmas on the island of Gran Canaria, where 547 pubs and cafes supply 23,000 residents – one venue for every 43 of the population.

The remarkable figures from the report continue when it’s noted that over the past four years and resulting from the financial crisis, 70,000 bars and cafes shut down.

Pub and cafe life is still important to the Spanish and increasingly so to foreign residents and tourists and it still accounts for 15% of Spain’s GDP.

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