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XEVO has announced that its technology will come equipped in the 2018 Toyota Camry, set for release any day now. The eighth generation of this best-selling car is the first Camry model to showcase Toyota’s Entune 3.0 multimedia system, including the Entune 3.0 App Suite Connect, powered by the Xevo Journeyware platform. Xevo’s Journeyware suite of products seamlessly connects drivers and their vehicles to mobile applications, content, and services, dramatically enhancing the in-car experience for Camry drivers.

“The 2018 Toyota Camry is a beautiful new car and we are thrilled that our technology will make it even better,” said Dan Gittleman, CEO of Xevo. “We love working with Toyota as a partner, and can’t wait to see Xevo technology in all these cars as they hit the road.”

The new-and-improved multimedia Entune 3.0 App Suite Connect gives Toyota owners their favourite in-car experience wherever they go, with personalized preferences. The App Suite also gives drivers’ access to Telenav’s Scout GPS Link, enabling drivers to easily transfer the turn-by-turn directions displayed on their mobile device to the multimedia display inside their car.

Xevo’s Journeyware platform includes Xevo Engine, the technology powering the Entune 3.0 App Suite, and its smartphone connectivity systems. Xevo Engine middleware delivers unprecedented reach across all devices and screens with minimal hardware requirements. It is device and network agnostic and can be integrated with embedded HTML5 browsers, navigation applications, and on-board diagnostic information to drive in-vehicle HMI improvements and capture analytics. With the power of Xevo Engine, the Entune 3.0 platform leverages the customer’s smartphone to create an in-vehicle experience that offers integrated and upgradeable entertainment, smart-phone based navigation, and information services.

“The Entune 3.0 system is a tremendous asset of the 2018 Camry, equipping this best-selling, beloved car with cutting-edge connectivity,” said Sandy Lobenstein, Vice President of Connected Strategy and Product Planning for Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) and Executive Vice President, Business Planning and Strategy for Toyota Connected. “Deploying Xevo’s connected car technology in these vehicles will help them stand out in the market and deliver the most convenient, safe, and pleasant driving experiences to our customers.”

Through Entune 3.0, the 2018 Camry Sedan will also come equipped with Scout GPS Link by Telenav and Xevo Engine Link. Scout GPS Link was the first brought-in navigation solution to be powered by OpenStreetMap (OSM) data when it launched in 2016 and 2017 Toyota vehicles. The new 2018 solution is also built on OSM data and will bring more interactivity and a full navigation experience into the vehicle head unit. The Scout GPS Link update will be made available for Toyota owners for both iPhone and Android mobile phones as a free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

“We’re very excited to bring the new Scout GPS Link in-vehicle experience to the 2018 Camry through our partnership with Xevo and Toyota,” said Sal Dhanani, President of the Automotive Business Unit and Co-Founder of Telenav. “We have evolved Scout GPS Link to provide a fully interactive and seamless navigation experience in the vehicle to meet the needs of Toyota’s drivers.”

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  1. Here is what I don’t like about 2018 Camry and it’s a deal breaker for me.
    You don’t manage a 2018 automobile that costs 40 thousand dollars with a 99 dollar cell phone. Just because an app can run on a cell phone does not mean that it should run there instead of a dedicated processor onboard. In this case of the 2018 Camry all come with Scout GPS Link. Well that is a troubled app that is not as well received in the marketplace as many others ahead of it. Worse cell carriers have holes in their coverage areas where it shows up on their map as white areas not covered for data and every carrier has that. Scout GPS Link does not let you download the map ahead of time before you enter such an uncovered zone. Why don’t they when everyone else with an app on your phone for GPS Navigation does ? Well because they charge five dollars a month to be able to download maps yet there you are with the problem all GPS Navigation apps face of these holes in cellular coverages for data.

    Toyota thinks they can stonewall you on this after all if you purchase the 2018 Camry with a 6 cylinder you can have their embedded Navigation which works whenever there are holes in data because well Toyota downloaded the NAV map onto your 2018 Camry. In fact Toyota even updates your map when you get within 4 miles of an area through a device Toyota calls DCM which comes on their Entune Premium which is their embedded dynamic Navigation.

    So Scout GPS Link just quits working. It locks up. It stops operating. Do you get this ?

    In addition if you want Scout GPS Link and do not want to watch annoying advertisements while you are trying to use Scout GPS Link then again you must pay them five dollars a month. No car manufacturer charges five dollars a month for the life of the vehicle for GPS Navigation and all their GPS Navigation systems work where there is a hole in the coverage for data from your cellular carrier.

    The app should not be run on a cell phone.

    There are other security reasons and being hacked why not to run an app on your 99 dollar cell phone that contains where you are and when you will be there along with when you left.

    All that is better suited for a dedicated onboard processor on your vehicle.

    How many apps can you load on your cell phone ? There certainly are limits. And there are limits to the amount of data your carrier is going to give to you in a month’s time before they put a govern limit on your usage and slow your speed down of that app and all other apps on not only your phone but possibly also the other users on your same account with the carrier. They slow your data down when you use it. Scout GPS Link not only is 70 megabytes in size but it is a huge user of data on your cell phone including those annoying advertisements if you want it free or pay them five dollars a month to not have ads on your head unit infotainment system display.

    As for HUD head up displays and other displays onboard on your 2018 Camry or other new vehicles Scout GPS does not integrate with those so this is even more reason to not buy into the concept that Toyota is providing every Camry owner with navigation in 2018. No they are not.

    I had to remove apps from my cell phone to load Scout GPS Link because it is 70 megabytes. For all these reasons Scout GPS got only 1 star from 455 of us who downloaded the junk and another 130 of us gave it only 2 stars. So of 1042 who downloaded it 585 – more than half of the 1042 downloads – scored this Scout GPS Link app 1 or 2 stars.

    Entune Premium embedded NAV on 2018 Camry 4 cylinder or hybrid can not even be special ordered.

    The 2018 Camry Brochure states on the inside of the back cover underneath the 43 disclosures that :

    “Toyota strives to build vehicles which match customer interest. If you prefer a vehicle with different options check for current availability or the possibility of placing a special order.” Do not lie and say you special order or try to blame it on SET or the dealer.

    TMS USA Inc. will not accept a special order.

    Do you even know what TMS USA Inc. has taken away from me ? You have so denuded the 2018 Camry 4 cylinder and hybrid so as to render them useless in comparison with your just 6 cylinder when your competitors are providing telematics like this on their 4 cylinder and hybrid option mid-size sedans.

    Toyota’s dirty little secret about its 2018 Camry.

    I do not want to tie up my cell phone connecting it via USB and cellular provider data usage for Scout GPS which does not do these features I have listed to you here. A 40 thousand dollar sedan should be controlled by dedicated processors onboard not on an app on a 99 dollar cell phone and the processors onboard all work together and use HD data not cell data usage primarily. If Toyota wants to buy Scout GPS and host it on a dedicated processor that would be fine. Scout GPS Link is not why I will pay Toyota 40 thousand dollars for this piece of junk strategy where Toyota will not even sell me a car with NAV on any of their 4 cylinder or hybrid models.

    Individual Tire Pressures and Weather Map showing me rain ice snow coming not a forecast were not available without Entune Premium before and Weather Map uses HD radio not data usage of cell phone primarily.

    If I add head-up display option Driver Assist 2018 Camry with Entune Premium I can program to see there the street name of the next intersection, can program the speed limit of the street I am on Canada Mexico and U.S. to show up there, and I can program elapsed time gadget – all on my windshield – not have to look over at some Scout GPS hosted on my cell phone partially displayed on the head unit. Only that head unit display does not do any of this I list with Scout GPS.

    Also I would have to give up the 4 alternate routes with HD radio provided traffic reports or be forced to buy just your 6 cylinder 2018 Camry which make up only 5 % of TMS sales of Camry. 5 %. The other 95% of us are out in the cold. I would give up the 41 and 39 mpg highway and the 51 mpg highway to have just your 2018 Camry 6 cylinder as well. I would be giving up the DCM automatic update of the NAV as well 4 miles near where I am and end destination. All this I have to give up to buy this poorly designed strategy now despite that I make up 95 % of your sales of the Camry – that is anyone other than those buying 6 cylinder Camry.

    Entune Premium embedded NAV gives me 8.2 inch head unit display not 7 inch standard. And it provides not 4.2 inch display between speedometer and RPM meter on the instrument panel but 7 inch; but I can’t even get TMS USA Inc. to special order that despite having bought 11 previous Camry just exactly like this from you.

    You should rename your 2018 Camry Navigation System Owner’s Manual (OM06125U) as the 6 cylinder 2018 Camry option only manual. Silly me to think I could special order this to wake-up someone somewhere.

    I can assure you since the 2018 Honda Accord does not even come with a 6 cylinder option that therefore their 4 cylinder and hybrid option do provide embedded NAV and that I will order my next 11 not Camry but Accord. Your competitor Honda will get my next 11 orders as it has EVERY feature of the 2018 Camry and adds traffic sign recognition as well with a 6 inch head up display, adaptive cruise control stop and go traffic with auto brake, turn signal on heated mirrors with bird’s eye view cameras while driving or backing up, sonar auto braking, 8 inch display infotainment head unit also providing Android Auto and iPhone CarPlay, wireless charger, LED lighting package, auto high beam, cross traffic auto brake and alert system, 12-way driver power seats with 4-way lumbar support adjustment, more trunk space, more rear seat space, remote diagnostics, just touch cell phone to Accord to pair it, and all with embedded NAV on Eco mode on hybrid and on 4 cylinder.

    Toyota should have simply said have fun in your new 2018 Honda Accord 4 cylinder or hybrid with embedded NAV because Toyota refuses to even special order you 4 cylinder and hybrid Camry with Premium Audio embedded NAV. Order 6 cylinder give up mpg life of the vehicle or use cellular data usage tying up your cell phone with inferior Scout GPS not fully integrated dynamically with the other features of the 2018 Camry.

    A quarter of a million U.S. vehicles every month, 20 million worldwide annually, and a quarter of a trillion U.S. dollars revenue by 358 thousand employees and you pull this Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. ?


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