Alicante police rescue dying dog from parked car in full sun


OFFICERS from the Alicante police canine unit, were called in to rescue a young dog from a parked car in Alicante.

Neighbours had reported seeing the dog in the locked vehicle, parked in full sun, for around four hours, becoming more and more distressed, owing to lack of ventilation and temperatures approaching 35 degrees.

The canine officers were able to break into the car to rescue the animal, who was on the brink of suffocation and hyperventilation.

Police sources have verified to Spanish press, that the dog was in conditions of neglect, was on the verge of asphyxia, without ventilation, with temperatures above 35 degrees, so they proceeded to rescue it by breaking the rear window of the vehicle to release it.

The police have opened judicial proceedings and reported the owner who is charged with an alleged crime of animal abuse.

Meanwhile the vehicle, which had no insurance and no ITV, was taken by grua to the local car depository.

Photos of the now recovered one-year-old dog, have been released in an effort to find a new family to take him on, asking interested parties to contact their local police.

The department of security have stressed that leaving an animal locked in a parked car, without adequate ventilation, is risking the animals life.

Offenders will also receive severe fines and bans on having animals in future.

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