Owner of halal butchers shop in Altea shot


POLICE continue to search for a man who shot the owner of a halal butchers in Altea, then fled the scene of the shooting.

The victim, who was also the owner of the shop, located in Calle Metge Adolfo Quiles, is a cousin of the young Moroccan arrested in Altea last October, accused of belonging to Daesh.

During the previous arrest, the shop was raided by National Police, who recovered a computer hard drive from the premises for use as evidence in their investigation.

Witnesses to the shooting told the Spanish press, they heard a single gunshot inside the shop around 11am, following which, a man ran out of the building, got behind the wheel of a parked high end car and fled the scene.

The owner subsequently came out of the shop attempting to lock up the premises with blood streaming from a leg wound.

He was taken by ambulance to the Marina Baixa hospital in Villajoyosa, suffering from a gunshot wound.

Police are investigating whether there is any link between this shooting and the previous incident during which Adil Anouar Merabet, a cousin of the wounded man was arrested.
Merabat, an alleged jihadist was arrested last October in Altea, accused of recruiting young muslims by social networks to indoctrinate them into becoming global terrorists.

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