APAH Dog Show suffers in the heat

Best In Show
Best In Show

FIRST IT was the rain that ruined APAH’s Summer Fair, and then on Sunday 9 July at the Carpa Municipal in Pilar de la Horadada, it was the extreme heat that got to everyone.  It was the first time the charity had held the annual dog show in a summer month, and organisers have said already that it will definitely be the last! 

The concept was a good one in the belief that being held undercover would benefit all those involved – both dogs and humans.  However it was unbelievably hot with many people choosing to stay away, so much so that the usual amount of people who can be guaranteed to turn up to support APAH, was reduced to a quarter.

Nevertheless, the organisers of APAH want to offer an enormous amount of thanks and gratitude to the people who did come to support them; especially those that managed to hold out right to the very end.  It was hard going for the volunteers and the stall holders to keep working, and for the dogs, their owners and spectators so it is amazing to be able to announce that despite everything against them €1,017 was raised on the day.  Such an amount was totally unexpected and APAH was naturally delighted with the result.  The charity has promised faithfully that next year, the annual dog show will be earlier or later in the year, but certainly not during the summer.

The Best in Show was won by Spencer, a wonderful rescue dog belonging to a lovely couple who came along to have a stall, and ended up going home with a champion!  On the day itself, there may have only been one winner of the trophy, but every dog there is a winner, because unlike some, they are all in loving homes with owners who care.

Nobody should lose sight of the fact that there are many dogs (and cats) that are not so lucky.  Many are in living hell, neglected, abused or abandoned, and those lucky ones who have been rescued by APAH, will benefit from the money raised at the show.

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