Apple surveys Spain

Apple surveys Spain

SINCE 2015, Apple has been using LIDAR-equipped mapping vehicles to capture street-level imagery for the Apple Maps app.

Apple has expanded the areas where it is collecting data several times over the course of the last two years and according to the latest update to the company’s support page, Apple Maps vehicles have recently made their way into Spain.

Apple regularly highlights the countries and cities around the world where its vehicles are located, and between July 3 and August 13, Apple will collect data in the Biscay province of Spain, in Arratia-Nerbioi, Busturialdea, Durangaldea, Enkarterri, Greater Bilbao, Lea Artibai and Uribe-Kosta.

According to Apple’s support page, the information collected by the mapping vehicles will be used to improve Apple Maps, but just what Apple plans to do with the data remains unclear.

Because Apple promises to blur faces and license plates ahead of publication, there’s been speculation that the company is working on a ‘street view’ addition to Apple Maps to mirror Google Maps.

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