Man arrested for kidnapping and raping a woman he’d just met


THE NATIONAL Police of Murcia recently arrested a 42-year-old man for the alleged sexual assault and illegal detention of a woman he had just met in Murcia.

The victim was finally able to flee from the man after he fell asleep, but not before being held against her will for over 24 hours.

The investigation began at the end of June when a 54-year-old woman reported to San Andres District Commissariat the horrific ordeal she was put through at the hands of a man she had met some two days prior in La Glorieta.

Officers learnt how the man had invited her to have a drink with him and she obliged.

The victim reported that after drinking said drink, she completely lost consciousness.

As she began to regain consciousness, she found herself in an underground parking facility near the Restos de la Muralla Arabe with the man.

The man is alleged to have held the victim there for a day and a half against her will, during which time he is alleged to have sexually assaulted her on several occasions, even threatening to kill her and taking her mobile phone from her so she could not call for help.

The victim was only able to flee from the man after he fell asleep – she was found on the street by a police patrol vehicle and was taken to the local health centre where she underwent examination.

Analysing the report, officers found similarities with an incident which took place almost a year ago and presented the woman with a photograph of the suspected perpetrator.

The victim immediately recognised the man and officers ordered his arrest.

He was found in the underground parking facility where he committed the alleged crimes, along with several personal items belonging to the victim, including her mobile phone.

The judge left the defendant free with a restraining order from the victim until examination results are returned.

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