Ask the Optician – Cataracts

Ask the Optician – Cataracts

Amrik Sappal, Store Director from Specsavers Opticas Fuengirola answers your questions about cataracts

Q: What are cataracts?

A: Cataracts are the most common cause of blindness in the world today but thankfully they are treatable with highly effective surgery.

There are various different types of cataract:

  • A nuclear cataract causes gradual reduction in vision
  • A cortical cataract may give rise to poor vision associated with seeing haloes around lights or seeing double with one eye.
  • Posterior subcapsular lens opacities tend to cause reduction in vision, susceptibility to bright lights and glare.

Anyone who feels that their vision is deteriorating or that they are suffering from any of the symptoms above, should visit their optician.

Q: How do cataracts develop?

A: The most common reason is increasing age. As people grow older, the lens of the eye becomes less clear until, ultimately, a cataract that causes reduction in vision is present.

Q: What can be done to avoid cataracts?

A: Unfortunately there’s not much we can do to avoid them, however it has been suggested that too much sunlight may make people more susceptible to cataracts so good quality sunglasses should be worn in bright sunlight.

Q: How are cataracts treated?

A: The only method of improving vision is to have the cataract removed surgically, but it is a highly effective form of treatment.

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