Ask the Optician: How can I be sure my vision is good enough to drive?

How can I be sure my vision is good enough to drive
Having the right glasses when driving can make all the difference.

By Amrik Sappal, Store Director from Specsavers Opticas Fuengirola

Q – I can read fine and don’t think I need glasses, do I really need to worry when I drive?

A – Good eye sight is essential to road safety and poor vision greatly contributes to risk of accidents.Your eyes are probably fine, but to make sure we recommend that all drivers should have regular eye tests every two years, especially from the age of 40. If you notice any changes in your vision and have difficulties with seeing clearly in difficult conditions such as at night you should have your vision checked immediately

Q Are some glasses better for driving than others?

A Yes – thin rims and high sides improve all-round vision and plastic or polycarbonate lenses are less likely than glass to shatter in an accident. There are glasses specifically created for driving such as Specsavers UltraDrive lenses,which provide excellent eye protection in bright light and make colours appear sharper.

Q – I struggle with bright sunshine when I am driving what can I do?

A – Polarising lenses reduce glare, making them ideal for driving during bright daylight hours.

Another good option is to invest in photochromic lenses that instantly adapt to light changes, darkening in bright light.

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