Ask the Optician: What is hypertension?


AMRIK SAPPAL, Store Director from Specsavers Opticas Fuengirola writes…

Hypertension is another word for high blood pressure, a common condition which can cause a wide range of health problems if not properly controlled.

How can it damage your eyes?

Tiny, delicate vessels supply blood to your eyes and these can be damaged by high blood pressure. This can cause three main eye conditions –

• Retinopathy which can lead to blurred vision and loss of vision

• Choroidopathy, fluid build-up under the retina causing distorted vision and scarring

• Optic neuropathy, nerve damage which can cause vision loss

How can you tell if your eye’s vessels are damaged?

If you notice any changes in your vision, blurred vision or discomfort in your eyes you should go to an optician for a thorough eye test which includes a health check.

A good eye test which includes cutting edge technology such as Digital Retinal Photography will be able to take a picture of the back of your eye to help identify issues with your blood vessels and spot any signs of other health conditions.

If necessary your optician will refer you to a specialist or to your doctor for further tests and treatment.

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