Boots apologises for morning-after pill campaign response

Boots apologises for morning-after pill campaign response

BRITISH pharmacy chain Boots has apologised for its response to a campaign calling for it to cut the price of one of its morning-after pills and said it was looking for cheaper alternatives.

Boots was criticised by health campaigners and lawmakers after refusing to cut the cost of the emergency contraception pill, saying it could be accused of ‘incentivising inappropriate use’.

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) campaigned for Boots to cut the price of the Levonelle morning-after pill, saying it was more expensive in Britain than other parts of Europe.

BPAS’s campaign was backed by lawmakers from Britain’s opposition Labour Party.

Boots said pricing EHC was determined by the cost of the medicine and the cost of pharmacy consultation.

‘We are committed to looking at the sourcing of less expensive EHC medicines, for example generics, to enable us to continue to make a privately funded EHC service even more accessible in the future,’ it said.

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