Budget airlines: Cheaper tickets, longer delays


YOU buy a cheap plane ticket, but travel longer than expected? refund.me statistics show low-cost carriers are top-notch in flight delays. Claims received in the first half of 2017 clearly show as prices go down, delays go up.

  1. Ryanair
  2. Air Berlin
  3. Lufthansa
  4. Easyjet
  5. Wizzair
  6. Air France
  7. Vueling
  8. Austrian
  9. KLM
  10. Aer Lingus

refund.me, the international service provider for passenger rights, registered most compensation claims for delayed low-cost flights.

Ryanair from Ireland leads, followed by Germany’s Air Berlin and Lufthansa, followed by Easyjet from the UK and Hungary’s Wizzair.


Lufthansa ranks third, but serves more passengers in absolute terms than its smaller competitors.

To put this in perspective, Lufthansa is market leader in Europe: in 2016, the airline sold more passenger kilometres than any other carrier, followed by British Airways and Air France.

Ryanair follows as largest low-cost carrier, Easyjet ranks seventh, Air Berlin comes in tenth with less than 30 percent of Lufthansa’s capacity, according to figures published by Statista.

Passengers rights don’t go down with the ticket price…

Low cost carriers show above average delay rates. ‘But even if the ticket is cheap, the airline is obliged to ensure smooth travels,’ says Sandra Rosenberg, COO of refund.me. ‘refund.me helps passengers to get the cash compensation they are entitled to.’

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