Bunkered: Altea unveils a reformed Spanish Civil War bunker


ALTEA councillors this week joined the minister of justice to inspect and officially open a restored Spanish Civil War bunker located on the beach of L’Olla.

The town’s urban restoration technicians completed the restoration, which is an integral part of the heritage of Altea and will become a listed building under the law of historical memory.

After the bunker was officially opened to the public, the party convened to the nearby Villa Gadea mansion, to view a public representation of the recovery operation involved in restoring the machine gun nest conducted by Albalat- Archeology and Heritage Management.

The bunker, formed part of a battery of nests built on the coast in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War to repel any coastal invasion against the Francoist army.
However, the republican fleet lost control of the Mediterranean coasts under the naval blockade imposed by Italians and Germans during the subsequent Second World War.
Machine guns were never actually installed in the bunker and after the civil war they were abandoned.

In the bay of Altea there were originally eight bunkers of which currently only two remain, one at Cap Negret and the restored one at L’Olla.


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