Demo in Denia to end horrific suffering and abuse of Bous a la Mar bulls


ASOCIACON E.R.A. will hold a demonstration in Denia on Sunday evening to raise awareness against the Bous a la Mar.

The Bous a la Mar forms part of Denia’s ‘Santisima Sangre’ festival and takes place each day – morning and night – throughout the festival week.

Bulls are released from a cage on the La Glorieta roundabout at the top calle Marques de Campo and run down through the main street in front of jeering crowds and ‘participants’.

The run ends in the bull ring mounted in the port, with one of its sides open to the sea – where the participants taunt and tease the bulls, eventually coercing them into the sea where they struggle to swim through exhaustion.

Asociacion ERA is calling on Denia to end its widely condemned Bous a la Mar event and with it, the horrific suffering and abuse of bulls.

‘We continue to manifest with our eyes on the future – educating our children to respect all beings. They are our hope for a better future’ said the organiser of the demonstration.

The international anti-bullfighting movement is growing in strength every year and many local, regional or national bans have already been achieved. From the 18 autonomic regions of Spain, bullfighting has already been banned in two, the Canary Islands and Catalonia (although in the latter the Spanish Constitutional Court declared in 2016 the ban illegal, but the Catalan government has vowed to uphold the six-year old ban nevertheless).

The Balearic Islands are very close to banning bullfighting too and Galicia is likely to follow suit. Many provinces in Ecuador have banned bullfighting after a referendum included a question about the ban and the practice is already banned in over 90 per cent of France.

If you’d like to take part in the demonstration, head to the La Glorieta roundabout in Denia (at the top of calle Marques de Campo) for 6.30pm on Sunday July 9.

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