Eurogolf captain’s report

Eurogolf Captains Report

I WOULD like to start by saying after being a member of Eurogolf for over 20 years its been truly an honour to be your captain this season.

I would also like to thank the committee for all their hard work and great support during my captaincy including Clive Horne who stepped up to the plate to be match secretary when we were left at the last minute with a vacancy.

Its been a great season for Eurogolf with lots of new members and its my pleasure to welcome them into our society and wish them all well. I know most of them are enjoying the social side of Eurogolf as well as the golf.

As captain Ive had a good year with not too many problems.The captains ball, captains day and the presentation evening were all well supported and I thank all who attended for that. A few games didn’t go quite according to plan but hopefully lessons have been learned and the same mistakes wont be made again.

The Captains bunker was a great success and most members took it in the spirit it was meant to be, a bit of fun whilst raising money for charity. It was very amusing how members liked to snitch on their playing partners.

The total raised was €553 from the bunker fund and overall €2401 which was handed over to the counsellor for social services Rojales who said she was going to use the money to help the elderly people of Rojales with wheelchairs and motability scooters.

Last year when I was looking for a Vice Captain it proved very difficult to get someone to accept the position, as Fred now knows himself. Im not talking out of turn, as Fred knows this but with just a few weeks to go to the end of last season I was fortunately drawn to play with Fred and he agreed to be my vice captain.

I was over the moon even though I hardly knew him. But 12 months on and having played with him every week I’ve got to know him really well and with his many years of golf experience I’ve no doubt he will be a super Captain. I wish him and his new committee every success for next season and I look forward to being the President.

Before I finish I would like to pay tribute to a committee member who has for many years worked really hard for Eurogolf. A lot of members i’m sure don’t realise how much work goes on behind the scenes so it gives me great pleasure to present Sue Gillett with a bouquet of flowers from the members as a show of appreciation for everything she has done for Eurogolf.

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