Crackdown on noise pollution

Crackdown on noise pollution

RINCON DE LA VICTORIA’S Council is set to impose a series of measures to control noise pollution.

The legislation proposes creating almost one hundred “sensitive acoustic zones” where noise and thermal vibrations would be monitored and regulated.

The scheme, which has the support of hotels and businesses, aims to protect the health and rights of residents, as well as improving the town. The bill establishes a detailed classification of public spaces according to their use. The areas will then be divided into protected zones, acoustically saturated zones, quiet zones and zones of acoustic conflict.

Amplifiers, TVs, videos and radios will not be allowed on terraces or shop façades except with special authorisation.However public musical performances will not be subject to authorisation as long as they do not harm the public.

Under the new law food and drink will no longer be served after 2am and firecrackers and fireworks will be prohibited outside of authorised zones. Pet owners will also be required to take “necessary measures” to prevent their animal causing disruption to the community.  If they are unable to do so and complaints are received from other residents, a series of sanctions will be in place.

Fines for infringing on the new rules range from €1000 for minor offences, to €30,000 for very serious infractions.

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  1. It is about time that all the councils began doing something about motor-cycle noise, as well. I am told by Spaniards that the first thing they do on buying one, is take the compressor off, so that it makes more noise. Anyone living by any kind of junction is constantly driven mad by motor-bike riders revving up while at a standstill, and pulling away fast and very noisily from the junction or traffic-lights. It is as if they are saying, “HERE I AM!” I don´t like to compare anything in Spain to the UK normally, but there is a decibel noise limit on Motor-cycles in the UK, I think of 9 db (I could be wrong numerically), and I believe that Spain should do something along those lines. Many people I have spoken to are sick of motor-cycle noise, and some say their TV viewing in the evenings is ruined by them drowning out any sound from the TV.


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