Dangerous ‘boom’ block in San Miguel


AN ABANDONED building in the town of San Miguel de Salinas is causing concern to a group of residents.  They have reported the deteriorating empty block to the Town Hall and have warned them of the dangers to children and others which have been exacerbated due to the amount of vandalism.

According to locals, a child was cut to such a severe level due to the broken glass in one of the entrance doors to the building that they were collected by a passing car and taken to the nearby Health Centre.

The offending building, which has never been occupied despite being finished for over eight years, has been described as a ‘corpse’ left over from the boom days of the property market.  It has attracted the local youth population who have taken over the space and used it for a regular meeting place.

Apart from the state of the building becoming a danger, there have been occasions when some of the children and teenagers have thrown stones at passing traffic and pedestrians alike.

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