Drought ‘taking its toll’ on La Viñuela reservoir


JOSE FISCAL, Velez Malaga’s Councillor for the Environment, has said the increasing lack of water supplies in La Viñuela reservoir are “beginning to take their toll.”

The Councillor acknowledged recent irrigation cuts, preventing farmers watering their crops one day a week, with the aim of reducing water use by ten per cent, are not working.

Councillor Fiscal has said he will now commission a report to ascertain whether the scheme is viable, and if not, will do away with the watering ban.

Farmers are now claiming the drought facing the Costa del Sol is being “aggravated” by the lack of infrastructure to import water from other areas.

The underground network, which was promised ten years ago, is now said to be started in October. This is doing nothing to quash drought fears over this summer, however, with Malaga city forced to use 1.5 hectometres from La Viñuela reservoir, and 47 hectometres from Guadalhorce.

Following three years of scarce winter rainfall, farmers and politicians are calling on the Junta de Andalucia to sign off the plans, which would see three pipelines installed.

The first would run from Concepcion to Viñuela), the second from Iznajar in Cordoba and the third from and Rules in Granada.

Farmers do not believe help will be forthcoming however, with the spokesman from an agricultural group in Antequera saying, “there has been much talk about a water highway, which would connect up the network from Manilva to Nerja. But there are no deadlines.”

The Junta’s General Director of Planning and Management of Public Water, Juan Serrato has said there is enough water to last until the end of the summer.

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  1. The problem is the farmers – those who have constructed enormous areas of exotic fruit trees and are watering them like crazy. And the Town Halls are either doing nothing or supporting them.


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