‘Drug addict’ arrested for stabbing own mother to death

‘Drug addict’ arrested

A THIRTY-FIVE-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested for stabbing his mother to death in the home they shared in Caleta de Velez.

The alleged killer, identified only as Piero, remains in custody and is reportedly awaiting examination after claims he has a drug addiction.  Police are as yet unsure why he attacked his sixty-three-year-old mother, Maria Ines.

The woman was found with a stab wound to her chest when her ex-husband, Elio, came to collect her to work at the supermarket business they still shared.  After getting no reply ringing the building’s buzzer, Elio entered, finding his ex-wife in a pool of blood, before calling the police.

On finding Elio on the building’s steps, covered in blood, officers initially thought he had committed the crime before learning Piero had handed himself in at a police station shortly before the find, telling officers, “I think I’ve killed my mother.  The knife is on the sofa.”

Maria Ines was from a well-known local family, with six siblings who own businesses in Velez Malaga.  She had been living in the home she was killed in for over 30 years and neighbours were quick to pay tribute to the well-regarded woman, with one describing her as ‘extraordinary, polite and kind. She never bothered anyone’.

The incident has now rocked the neighbourhood, with one resident commenting “you would never think something like this would happen.”

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