€500,000 bill for empty museum

€500,000 bill for empty museum

TORREMOLINOS Council’s empty building on Plaza Picassa is costing over half a million Euros a year in loan repayments, it has emerged.

Politicians from the governing PSOE party have now proposed using the site, which was initially intended to be a museum, to temporarily house the town’s courts.

Politicians from the Partido Popular (PP) and Ciudadanos oppose the PSOE’s plans, saying the building should be used for its original cultural purpose and claiming it could cost up to €2 million to convert the site for a new purpose.  Members of the PP protested the move by refusing to attend to the council session to pass the proposal, leading Mayor Jose Ortiz to use his powers to enforce his plan.

The building, which continues to be a source of aggravation to the council, which is in €180 million of debt, was due to open in May 2015. The council has until 2024 to pay off the remainder of the loan for the building, costing €513,000 a year.

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