Elche crackdown on deliberate vehicle damage


“WOULD  YOU give us information to identify the person who scratched your car or punctured your tyres?”

With this simple question the Local Police of Elche has launched a new and unique campaign to try to encourage car owners and witnesses alike to report damages to vehicles that end up with mysterious scratches on the bodywork or broken wing mirrors.  The initiative has already born fruit thanks to someone connecting the police via social media at the end of June which led to a person in Carrús arrested after being spotted scratching a car in the locality.

The Operational Coordination Department of the Local Police in Elche has been placed in charge of carrying out the appropriate investigations.

People are encouraged to contact the police through their website or via Facebook or Twitter, always using private messages which will remain confidential, noting the location of the vehicle that has been damaged, the date and time of the offense, where on the car the damage was carried out, and whether an implement was used or if someone was spotted deliberately kicking the vehicle.

With all this information volunteered by the local people, the police can determine which areas under their control are most affected by this type of vandalism and can monitor those zones accordingly to prevent further occurrences in the future.

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