Droning on: Want to learn how to fly?

Ever wanted to be a pilot

ANYONE DREAMING of learning to fly can do so at a drone piloting course in Almuñecar from July 24 to 28.

The workshop, which is currently open to applicants, will be taught by Alberto Prieto Espinosa, Emeritus Professor at the University of Granada, and will provide an introduction to the “theoretical and practical basics of remotely piloted drones,” at IES Puerta del Mar.

Vanessa M. MartosNuñez, the school’s academic deputy director, explained the course, “will be very well taught, and will involve practice runs under supervision, with one drone each per group of four students.”

She said the classes would provide “an overview of remotely piloted drones, addressing basic concepts of their structure and various elements, basic navigation, custom-made designs, applications and regulations,” showing attendees “how they are structured and assembled, as well as how they are flown and controlled.”

The initiative has already generated interest given drones’potential use in sectors including agriculture, energy, communications, logistics, major civil works inspection, or civil protection.  Almuñecar’s Council say the course could benefit engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs who want to add to their professional skills “in a field that is in great demand.”

Those interested in the course, costing €195, can register at the school’s website, www.iespuertadelmar.es

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