Fishy record in Mazarron


MONDAY last week, will go down in the annals of Mazarron fishing history, as the day that the local fishing fleet broke their previous record for the amount of boquerones, or anchovies, caught in a single day, by a huge margin.

The Fishermen’s Guild of Mazarron announced that the fisherman who had worked deep into the night to catch a total of 115,000 kilos of fish, beating the previous best days catch of 95,000, by a huge 20,000 fish.

Head of the guild, Manuel Sanchez, enthused that the catch included 12,700 corchas, or cases of fish, which fetch an average of 13 for each corcha.

A delighted Sanchez said, “In June 2016, we set the previous record, but the last thing I expected was that we were going to get ahead in 2017,” he acknowledged yesterday.

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