Fuengirola´s shopping centre fire sparks panic

Shopping centre fire sparks panic

A FIRE originating in a kitchen at Fuengirola’s Miramar shopping centre sparked panic last week following a series of terrorist attacks across Europe.

The centre is now open as normal again after the blaze, caused by a deep fat fryer, set off smoke alarms, causing shoppers to run to the exits.

The head of the centre, David del Barrio said the scene started at around 4pm when “the alarm made a sound which made people start running,” before firefighters from Mijas arrived, restoring order.

Mr del Barrio added the only injuries were from a woman who sprained her ankle trying to escape, explaining, “the property damages were confined to the kitchen and downstairs, which were flooded with water to put out the fire.”

After the scare, social media sites were inundated with videos of the stampede, with some claiming there had been a bomb or shooting, prompting Fuengirola’s Mayor, Ana Mula to post messages on Facebook and Twitter reassuring residents.

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