Book Review: Gilded Cage


WHAT IF your country was ruled by an elite class of people with special gifts and magical abilities? And what if the commoners – everyone else – had to sacrifice 10 years of their lives in forced servitude, or slavery, in order to gain their citizenship and keep their nation’s productivity moving along?

In Vic James’ fabulous GILDED CAGE, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Britain and much of the world (except for France, which held a revolution, and the Union States of America, which forbids slavery) are ruled by the Equals.

None of the commoners actually know what the Equals’ powers are; they only see them in glossy celebrity magazines or in photos of their grand estates.

But their powers are enough to keep the Skilless in their places, serving out their 10-year servitudes as required by the Slavedays Compact.

Families are generally separated as one or the other of them leaves to work in the factory towns.

And the slavery always leaves its mark, sometimes in personalities that are irrevocably changed or when serious injury removes one’s ability to work or even live.

But one girl has devised a plan that will keep her family together and safe.

Vic James

Author Vic James has created the most original, compelling and fascinating story and characters in this outstanding fantasy debut.

Readers are transported back and forth from the depressing squalor of Millmoor, to the golden estate of Kyneston, and learn all about the lives of those who populate them and the choices and decisions that will impact them all in ways they can’t imagine.

Don’t miss GILDED CAGE. You won’t be able to put it down, and then you’ll desperately hope for a sequel.

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