Heavy machinery repairing winter storm damage spoils Costa del Sol beach

Ferrara Beach: is often damaged by storms

SUN-WORSHIPERS on Torrox’s Ferrara Beach have complained about the presence of heavy machinery being used to repair storm damage.

The council’s left-leaning opposition party, PSOE, is calling on Torrox’s Mayor, Oscar Medina, and Sandra Extremera, Councillor for Beaches, to resign after works were carried out to 300 metres of the beach, which was battered by bad weather.

Following complaints by tourists, who called the sight “lamentable,” both the PSOE and IU parties said the council’s management of the situation was “disastrous,” claiming more should have been done sooner to prevent damage.

Councillor Mari Nieves Ramirez said, “there are no excuses for summer visitors to have to deal with bulldozers and trucks on the middle of the beach. The entire Costa del Sol has suffered from these storms but nowhere looks like Torrox does.”

The governing, right-wing Partido Popular (PP) has apologised for the disruption, saying it had spent €200,000 on restoring the beach so far this year.

The fracas comes after Mayor Medina announced in June a second breakwater would be built off the town’s coast to prevent further sand loss.

A first, measuring 115 metres, was built last year, costing €307,000 in the hope this would protect Ferrara Beach against yearly storm damage.  While the structure has improved the annual problem, the beach’s width was greatly reduced again this year, particularly along a 300-metre patch near to the children’s playground.

The Ministry of the Environment has now committed to building the second structure, which Mr Medina says he hopes will provide a “definitive solution” to the problem.

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