Marbella’s fire prevention plan subject of hot debate

Holy Smoke

MARBELLA’S COUNCIL has put together a fire prevention plan ahead of the hot, dry summer months.

Miguel Diaz, Councillor for Sustainability, has announced, “one of our main weapons in preventing blazes is to check land to make sure it is in the best condition.”  He added the council has looked over 225 hectares of land to ensure no waste or dry vegetation has built up which could easily ignite.

He explained, “this figure reflects the importance we place on different fire prevention tools, especially given that Marbella has many built-up areas which are close to woodland and are therefore a greater fire risk.”  Councillor Diaz sought to reassure locals and visitors, though, saying Marbella’s temperatures did not climb too high in the summer months, while also asking them to “collaborate” with the council’s prevention plan.

The subject was a source of some contention in the council chamber, however, after the opposing, right-leaning Partido Popular (PP) accused the council of a lack of transparency.  Councillor Diaz was quick to hit back over the claims, claiming, “the PP is trying to generate alarm on a subject as sensitive as fire.”

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