Horoscopes – 21 July 2017

Horoscopes July 21st-27th

Aries:  Whatever you do don’t stop doing it this week, you are resolute and prepared to go all out and help someone who needs your tenderness and your expertise. As Mercury trines with Venus this week, finally the penny drops, and you will find it a breeze to bring everything back to basics once more. All this has shown you how adaptable you really are!

Taurus:  The Cosmos rewards those who keep their faith, and although things haven’t been easy of late, there are blue skies out there and the future is out there for you to rightfully claim for yourself. This isn’t selfish at all, since what you have you share! Venus opposes Saturn which affects the second house of determination and power through the guise of loving care.

Gemini:   One foot forward and two steps back! What exactly is going on with you right now? The conjunction of the radiant Sun with doleful Mars does its best to bring back elements of the past you would rather forget right now. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing, whereas dealing with the past is a door that obviously needs to be well and truly closed!

Cancer:  Moon power comes to a head and this would be a time to share your innermost magic with others. You are kind and thoughtful, and it is time to reward fully those people who have helped you on this your journey of life. Sure you will find a way, but make it easy on yourself and see what you can do now as a celebration brings people together again.

Leo:   Your planetary leader, the Sun arrives and heralds with it investigation and elimination, as you seek the truth about a situation that is veering in an awkward direction. View any conflict as a means of bringing things back once more to shared responsibilities. Somebody who needs to talk to you reacts with anger, and then it seems to kick off once again!

Virgo:   Someone has gotten hold of the wrong end of the stick somehow, as your intentions are designed to smooth things over and not to ruffle feathers in any way. The Mercury ingress allows for channels of communication to be opened, but does not allow for those who deliberately twist what you say, and who seek to gain from deceit and lies!

Libra:   Your strong sense of justice comes to you because as a cardinal sign, with Saturn exalted, you are motivated to hard work and positive purpose. Saturn is currently in opposition to Venus, and it is an affair of the heart that has brought you to your present emotive state. It will be hard, but it is best to wait and see what’s coming next, just in case!

Scorpio:   It’s been a long time since you connected with yourself. Just lately your schedule has been such that you are at sixes and sevens, and it is high time that you took a breather away from it all! Though your balance is steady, now comes the time to look within, and you might just find that you actually do like what you find there, for a change!

Sagittarius:    For goodness sake don’t just jump in there! You are fully prepared not to get the thanks you deserve, but above all, right now, let sleeping dogs lie. This is not the time for any decision, especially since in your current mood you may be barking up the wrong tree! A subtle approach is needed as tempers are frayed enough, and peace solutions!

Capricorn:   A period of minor irritating changes to schedules as plans too may be scuppered. Don’t worry because the alternatives that come your way are better than that you have planned and organised. It is hard to make everybody happy but this time around take a stab at making yourself happy too! It’s not selfish but it is highly addictive nevertheless!

Aquarius:    Your strong and stubborn streak has seen you take control of a situation that others appear to have walked away from. The double whammy with your planetary leader brings about a squaring with the Sun, in Leo, and a trine with Mercury this week. Unfinished business is just what it says, so let others fight over what they wish and take no part in it!

Pisces:   Time was when you would have done things a little differently, but with you, compromise isn’t a word when applied to your working energies. You have been working from within and your soul energy now comes to guide you through the minefield ahead. O.K. you will survive but whatever you do, do remember there is no second best!

If it’s Your Birthday This Week:  Fight fire with fire and let your full intentions be known to all whom it concerns. Grace comes from a delicate understanding of who is boss right now, and taking tight hold of the reins once more!


Kenny, my husband has a dream and he is being chased. He does not know who chases him, but he wakes up sweating and anxious and cannot get back to sleep afterwards.
Pat T.

Pat, re-occurring dreams are distressing enough, without the being chased too. Such dreams also seem to come full on and are visually clear and colourful too. Usually there is anxiety or stress involved somewhere along the line, and this is represented as the chaser that pursues. However calm your husband is, his subconscious is dealing with things that need to be got out in the open. A great way of dealing with this is to stop running in the dream and to look directly at who is chasing you. It helps to back this with dialogue so that any little niggle can be ironed out before it does any further damage. Once you have ever controlled such a dream, anxiety goes and a peaceful sleep is the desired and deserved reward.

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