Horoscopes – 28 July 2017

Horoscopes 28th July

Aries: As Venus enters into the fourth house a well deserved reward is coming your way. Recently you have been treading over egg shells in a matter that was veering somewhat out of control. Your patience and understanding and your forgiveness combine to ensure that this could never happen again on your watch as karma does what it does so very well!
Taurus: Emotionally one door may have closed but it is up to you to ensure that another opens up for you. Venus, your trusty planetary leader is a force to be reckoned with in actions with the fourth house. You are extraordinarily sensitive, and this has led to hurt feelings about the way you handled things. You could not have done any better! Really!

Gemini: Venus sextiles Uranus and dreams and wishes are really only one step away from reality, if they are what you especially need right now. Yes, you have been tested, and any further decision shows you best where you are and what ambition truly is. You were prepared to fight, but in the end it wasn’t necessary; now be yourself to see things through.

Cancer: The midweek entry of Venus arouses passions and backs you all the way. As a cardinal sign, Cancer is urging you to accept the initiative for what it is, and to stop asking questions; since you do not want to hear the answers. Actions speak a lot louder than words, and once you dispel doubt, focus on your true aims right now, and go all out for gold.

Leo: Uranus is both enabling and manipulative, caring for your immediate wants and needs, which seem to be out in the open at long last. Boosting greatly your willpower and your creativity, it is your unconventional side that leaves you to make it clear that you are being stubborn for good reason. You will get your way in the end, but was it really worth it?

Virgo: Virgo is the opposite sign to Pisces, in which Venus is exalted. You have had your say, but this may have really hurt those who love you but find it hard to permeate your innermost energies. Whilst others may be left feeling self conscious it is up to you to cope with the current Venus ingres and make amends in any way that you feel fit to do.

Libra: You have the innate ability to understand the feelings of others, and a desire to please which makes you well liked. However, you find it hard to take sides right now, as a conflict looms, and why should you? As an intellectual air sign you attract companionship and demand meaningful and sustained relationships, and that’s not what is on offer now!

Scorpio: Venus in Scorpio is in detriment, since Scorpio is in opposition to Taurus, which Venus rules. You are not seeing somebody else’s view of events right now and wanting to control the situation is not an option open to you. Adopt an air of mystery and intrigue which allows you to keep your emotional dignity, and allows you to see how others react.

Sagittarius: You are frank and outspoken, your tastes are lavish and you are flamboyant. Such bluntness means that those who stick around you are those who have passed your tests. This week take a back seat and get to grips with someone who is vying for your love and attention; but who cannot get close to you to tell you what’s really on their mind

Capricorn: The Venus sextile brings a mixed blessing to you this week. You are a very private and personal individual, and when love comes you seek both the retention of your dignity and a refinement. Your great aloneness is a strong attraction to others, but don’t play games! Do not let ulterior motives supersede your affection, as this time around, love is the key!

Aquarius: Take a time for yourself in this your busiest time of the year. Looking within and liking what you see are the positive energies that you need right now and Venus enters to bring love values in all that you do this week. Be prepared to stand in for somebody, and feel able to ask those around you for any help and support that you may need to get through!

Pisces: A highly psychic energy flows through your veins, and begs you to use your energies well to establish yourself right now. You are both inspired and creative and prepared to take things to the next stage, as indeed you should! Intuition tells you that there are pitfalls, but that on this, your spiritual journey of life, there comes a time to enjoy just being you!!

If It’s Your Birthday This Week: Venus bids that love energy will take you further if you let it. There are many closed doors behind you but the open door ahead right now is your direction and your true destiny…..so walk on through!


Kenny, my mother is coming to me in my dreams recently. She is just ready to tell me something when she is called away and the she disappears. It makes me wonder if she is unsettled in the Spirit World, or unhappy maybe?
Gwen J.

Gwen, great that you have had contact with your mother in this way. I am sorry that it must be very frustrating for you not to get the message that she wants to give you. Her sheer ability to come through to you means that she has freedom, and that strong ability and determination to return to you means that something is very well with her. Anything bad would have seen her partially appear or to seem unsettled. I feel that your mother needs to know that you can see her and feel her and I feel that this is what she needs to hear right now. Talk to her and tell her that she can talk to you at any time and that you are so happy to have her connect with you with love!

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