Horoscopes – 13th July


IF IT´S Your Birthday This Week:    The astrological year ahead is a chance for you to show others you are not to be messed with. Progress may be slow but you will get what you deserve if you hang on in there!! 

Aries:   Mars squares Saturn at the start of a busy week for you. Saturn is both controlling and decisive over matters of concern right now, whilst Mars is restrictive and dismissive in all aspects. The conflicts that abound make it very hard to fathom, especially since you had recently made progress and now have to be resourceful and patient just to keep the peace.

Taurus:     Emotional problems come to the fore this week, as Venus squares Neptune. You have been forced to turn away from your own wishes and desires in favour of the appropriate needs of others; just in order to keep the peace. Whilst your voice has to be heard and your version of the truth must be heard, keep silent, until the time is right!
Gemini:  You get the green light on something you have put your heart and soul into, and not before time, either! Mercury sextiles Jupiter, and astrologically the intuitive mind is stimulated to bring reward and benevolence that comes from a re-shuffle of plans; but which does not deter you in anyway whatsoever. Take this on because you can and you want to!

Cancer:   This week take a risk when the need arises, mainly because you have nothing to lose right now. It is a time to branch out, and the Mercury trine with Saturn, midweek supports this. This is a good time to make changes, while you can, and to move on to just where you should be right now. Don’t let it rain on your parade, and stay focused.

Leo:   The entry of Mars into your sign this week certainly puts the cat amongst the pigeons, but it also allows you to see things from a new angle. This is a time for positive actions and to fight any aggression with the empowerment that is your resolve and stability right now. Let others have their say, but treat it as it deserves you to, with a pinch of salt
Virgo:   Something is not quite right, but you are finding it hard to put your finger on it just now. Mars squares up to Uranus at the start of the week, and this highlights actions of both deception and falsehood into the equation. Be sure that you take stock of the situation and remember that whatever happened it wasn’t you who decided to move any goalposts.

Libra:   The Cosmos is benevolent and rewarding, but hey, this is not the time to feel sorry for yourself any way. You are much needed to steer things the right way on a project that is starting small, but has the absolute ability to grow with all of your good guidance. The Sun shines on Kora bringing the first page of an open book you can fill with your good ideas!

Scorpio:  Minor irritating things could set you back this week, if you let them. Whilst the Sun shines on the positive sign the reality of what happens is delayed by Saturn in a pedantic mood. Whilst there are shifts in your timetable there also comes the time to make a decision based on your most immediate wants and needs, do don’t put anything off!

Sagittarius:  A surprise comes this week as it is someone who spills the beans prior to an event. Though you had an inkling into what is really going on, the timing is right to play along with the scheme; the boot is on the other foot now! Mercury rubs up to Neptune, which means that what you have to say gets an enthusiastic audience, when the time comes!

Capricorn:   You are waiting for something to happen, and it shouldn’t be that way, you should be making it happen anyhow. It matters not that someone has got hold of the wrong end of the stick, but let nothing stop you from expressing yourself right now! In hindsight things should have been thrashed out right from the start, but go for it!

Aquarius:  Be true to yourself and follow your natural instincts to bring everything together. Beware of what exactly is behind a very innocent request, and be very unafraid to say no, if that is what has to be said. Saturn controls your current somewhat philosophical mood, stalling you before you make the decision that will greatly benefit you and those you love.

Pisces:   With your planetary leader Neptune involved with both Mercury and Venus, your loving care is a distinct energy that will guide and sustain you too. Since you never ask, even for the help you need, this week sees you gently guided to a new destination you thought wasn’t possible but which could also help to solve a current ongoing problem very nicely!


Kenny is it true that coincidences are actually spiritually connected?
Brian K.

Brian, very often co incidence is the only way that many people have of explaining that which is extraordinary. Most spiritual people know full well that the influences of Spirit are a true part of our destiny. When something very special happens the explanation may be put down to co-incidence or thought to be fate. For sure Spirit does intervene from time to time, and then I feel there is no co-incidence of any kind. Spirit has a way of working that brings very specific results, and it’s not just co-incidence either!

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