Horoscopes – 6 July 2017


IF IT’S your birthday this week: Time to let go of the past and truly invest in the future. Fate destines that you are in the right place at the right time and that you are enabled to move on, wherever that journey may take you!

Aries: You are beginning not to like what you see and for sure things will get worse if you do not take immediate action. The Sun opposes Pluto which sees you having to dictate to others the true state of affairs right now; since secrets and lies are unearthed, and there is no excuse for them. Walk away from this conflict with your head held high!

Taurus: Use your significant skills of tact and diplomacy to avoid a drama becoming a crisis this week. Mercury sextiles Venus midweek, bringing in a sensitivity in communication, enabling you to get just what it is you need right now. You will be surprised at how cool and calm you are, but grace and skills are what are sought right now, to make the difference.

Gemini: Your true leadership skills are put to the test this week as you find yourself stepping in, and in so doing, opening a whole new World for yourself. You should know what you do, and garnering strengths right now fits you for good purpose! Mars enters Saturn and your power base is showing you a clear way forward. Move on and up, you can!

Cancer: Ceres brings rhythm and logic into practise and sees you even surprising yourself this week. Though you shy away from routine, it is encouraging that the many changes around you right now are starting to have a very positive effect on all that you do. This is a time to look within yourself, and to find out for sure, that what’s there could be something so special.

Leo: As a fixed and creative fire sign you are ruled by the Sun and exalted in Pluto. This week what comes about is the Sun in opposition to Pluto bringing reverse strategies and time wasting activities to the fore. This is not a time to go in with all guns blazing, rather the very best of times to wait and see what effect all this is having, and working along side it.

Virgo: Who cares if you have to start small? Keep what you are doing under wraps and keep it individual and find that enthusiasm is your winning streak. The sixth house deals with improvement through work and service and it is at this grass roots level that you now come in! Self-improvement is just what it says and its now gaining strength within you!

Libra: Karma will see that those who have recently upset you are stopped in their tracks. To them this is a no win no lose situation but it is nevertheless one of their creation. The influences of Saturn, exalted in your sign, are in cahoots with Mars, who may signify something clandestine. Be unafraid because for sure it is you who comes out on top in the end!

Scorpio: You are capable of drawing on hidden sources of power when any challenge arises. It is interesting that finances are now balancing and a second income is very welcome right now in the current scheme of things. Your leaders, Mars and Pluto are under the control of both Saturn and the Sun in opposition right now. Let the good times roll!

Sagittarius: You have jumped to conclusion about something you thought was cut and dry, but you have not explored all that is really involved right now. If somebody did change the goal posts then you have to take this into careful consideration. What is overwhelmingly obvious right now is that the truth is your version of the events in question.

Capricorn: Go with your intuition right now! As a mountain goat you know sure footedly the route down, but you may be too stubborn to take it, step by step. Saturn brushes up to Mars this week and you may be thinking that it is truly every man for himself, but dig deep into your highly emotional and sensitive energies if you want to be ambitious and swift!

Aquarius: The Eleventh House sees Mercury exalted and this week actions connect with Venus bringing love and romance right to your door. Do not let your indecisions allow you to pass up what could be, whilst you are weighing up the pros and the cons, time is flying by. If you still need to test then you are simply not ready for what really could be.

Pisces: A time to get in there are clear the debris of you life! Nothing needs to be carried for so long, but your good intentions this week could take you further than you think. Beware of what’s really behind a request which doesn’t add up, but be prepared for some subtle and intriguing changes to routine; which turn out to be a blessing in disguise for you

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