Lifeguard saves three who ignored red flags from drowning

Baywatch buoy: Dani used the device to save two lives

THREE SWIMMERS who ignored a red flag prohibiting going in the water on El Saltillo beach, Torremolinos, have been rescued.

Two of the trio were taken to a medical centre to be treated for seasickness after they were spotted by a passing beach patrol vehicle at around 5.46pm, which raised the alarm.  The flag had been put in place at 4.30pm after the current had changed because of an incoming storm.

Dani, the lifeguard who answered the call for help, was faced with rescuing all three people alone, choosing to attend to French woman, Anne N, aged 30, first, as she was nearest to the shore.  Reaching Anne, he found she was not in danger of drowning and the woman was able to make her own way out of the sea.

The lifeguard then turned his attention to the other two, one of whom was floating on a life ring thrown from a nearby bar.  As he made his way to the swimmer, he realised the third person was also in serious difficulty and daringly rescued both at once, using his red Baywatch-style buoy, and saving the lives of Vincent C.A., aged 48, from Norway, and Patricia O.G., aged 46, from Spain.

Once on the beach, the pair, who were showing signs of having swallowed water, were put in the recovery position until an ambulance arrived.

Torremolinos’ Council has now expressed its appreciation to all those who helped that day, as well as everyone who continues to protect the town’s coastline.  Councillor for Beaches, Maribel Tocon, also called on beach-users to “respect the flags which are placed on beaches to show the condition of the sea, which help avoid risk.”

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