Missing 13-year-old pair ‘located and in good condition’

'Located and in good condition'

THE FAMILIES of Roberto Palmero and Yanira Jimenez – the 13-year-old couple reported missing in Torrevieja last Friday – were relieved to report them as ‘located and in good condition’ in a post on social media on Tuesday night.

The news was greeted with great joy by those who had followed the case with concern for several days.

Roberto and Yanira disappeared from their homes in Torrevieja at around 8.00am last Friday and their families reported their disappearance to the Guardia Civil that afternoon.

Clues pointed to the couple having run away – Yanira was said to have €500 cash in her possession and both their phones had been turned off.

They tried to buy bus tickets to Madrid at Torrevieja bus station, but they were refused for being underage.

The families immediately set about distributing ‘MISSING’ posters across Torrevieja and also in several neighbourhoods in Madrid, where Yanira was known having moved to Torrevieja from the capital only a few months ago.

As well as distributing the posters, the families spread the word of the couple’s disappearance across social media, encouraging them to come home and promising they were not in trouble.

Roberto and Yanira were found wandering the streets of Ciudad de Asis in Alicante by agents of the Operational Response Group.

The couple were taken to the police station where they were reunited with their parents.

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