British man arrested after brutal attack in Rojales


GUARDIA CIVIL officers swooped in following a 72-hour manhunt, to arrest a 34-year-old British holidaymaker.

The man is suspected of attacking a young Spanish guy, with a single karate chop at last weekend’s Moors and Christians fiesta in Rojales.

The twenty-eight-year old victim, who had travelled to the event from his home town of San Fulgencio, was attacked from behind by an assailant, wearing shorts, t-shirt and flip flops, who immediately fled the scene.

Witnesses to the incident, which occurred around 4am last Saturday morning in one of the kabila refreshment tents, reported that the man fell to the floor in an unconscious state, after receiving a brutal single karate chop to the middle of his back.

The victim suffered a heavy blow to his head in the attack, which appeared to be totally unprovoked as there had been no previous fight or exchange of words between the two men.

He was taken immediately by ambulance to a hospital in Torrevieja but was later transferred to Alicante General Hospital owing to the severity of his condition.

The Guardia immediately launched a manhunt for his attacker, who they described as being of athletic build, whilst the young victim remained in a coma, caused by the injuries to his head, with doctors fearing for his life owing to his critical condition.

After a 72 hour search for the assailant, the Guardia Civil released a photograph, which showed them leading an unnamed British man, described as a tourist, away in handcuffs, from a location in Formentera de Segura, close to the scene of the attack.

A Guardia Civil statement issued to Spanish press said, “The Guardia Civil in Alicante arrested a 34-year-old British man on Tuesday in Formentera de Segura.

“He was held on suspicion of an attack on a 28-year-old Spanish man in Rojales.

“The victim of the assault is in a very serious condition in hospital after being placed in an induced coma pending more information on the evolution of the head injury he suffered.

“Guardia Civil officers have managed to establish the whereabouts of this British man, who was on holiday in Spain, in just 72 hours.”

The suspect remains in custody after an appearance before an investigating judge, whilst the victim remains in an induced coma to rest his brain after surgeons at the Alicante hospital performed a life-saving operation.

The next 48 hours have been described as vital.

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