Massive drop in Alicante rural crime


INCREASED PRESENCE of the Guardia Civil and a tougher policy has seen a reduction of 35% in the amount of robberies in the rural area of Alicante.

Up until the end of June, 200 crimes in the campo were registered, showing an exact figure of a 35.3% decrease compared to the same period in 2016 when 253 were reported.

Overall in the Valencian Community between January and rural offences have decreased 36.1%, from 1,926 in 2016 to 1,231 in 2017. In addition, 277 crimes have been solved, resulting in the arrest of 338 people in the process.

Castellón leads the reduction, followed by Alicante (figures above) and Valencia. In the province of Castellón, from January to June 2017, 120 crimes were recorded – a decrease of 52.6% over the previous year. In València there were 911 registered rural crimes, demonstrating a 33.2% drop from 2016.

Credit for this drop has been placed in the increased collaboration between the Guardia Civil and the local agricultural organisations to identify the main areas prone to rural thefts and to encourage more reporting of the crimes.

Under the supervision of the authorities in Alicante, ‘Operation Spica’ has resulted in the arrest of three people, perpetrators of a series of robberies with force on country houses. A total of 28 criminal acts have been confirmed as a result, recovering a television, a watch, two pairs of glasses and other miscellaneous tools with an approximate value of €3,000.  Police also impounded the vehicles used in the crimes.

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