Mijas Council beat the burn!

Beat the burn
The campaigners for ‘This summer, do not burn yourself.’

MIJAS council have launched the ‘This summer, do not burn yourself’ prevention campaign to improve knowledge and attitudes towards sun protection.

Jose Antonio Gonzalez, Malaga Councillor for the beaches, explained that leaflets in four different languages will be distributed across the beaches throughout the rest of summer. The leaflets will warn sunbathers of the danger posed by overexposure to the sun and how to prevent the damage caused by UV rays.

Gomez announced that “20,000 leaflets, written in Spanish, English, German and Danish, are going to be distributed in areas highly populated by tourists.”

The initiative aims to reduce the amount of skin cancer cases after a study in 2014 revealed that disease is more prevalent along the Costa del Sol than anywhere else in Spain.

“We are talking about a disease that is detected in almost five thousand new cases per year in our country, so this type of campaign is essential in municipalities like ours,” explained Gomez.

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